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The Painted Card

 Positive Keepsake Love

Step inside and take a peek,

at how i spend my time each week.

I paint each picture with great care,

and patiently they sit .... just there.

Until, in print, they land on card,

with words that help when times are hard.

With some i frame so all can see,

but 'till they're sold, they sit with me.

While others, they appear elsewhere,

maybe a cushion, maybe a chair.

Each piece i paint just makes me smile,

and yes, each one does take a while!  

So, there we have it, that's my week,

please, step inside.......and take a peek.

Sandie x x


PS....I know how important contact and a personal touch is, so if you would like me to write and post a card or a gift to someone for you, please do get in touch.


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